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3 cheeses at upinngil farm We make and sell a variety of aged cow's milk cheeses. We practice the craft of cheese making with the same attention to detail and quality we bring to our dairying practice. Cheese is made in small quantities - no batch exceeds 60 gallons of milk - and the press handles about 50 pounds of cheese.

Upinngillar: One of our most popular cheeses, Upingillar is a mild fontina-type aged at least 60 days. It's great for slicing, grating, melting, or on a cheese board. An affordable, wholesome cheese that most children love.

Ayrshire: One of Upinngil's signature cheeses, named for the Scottish county where the Ayrshire breed originated. Similar to Dunlop, this cheddar-type cheese has a nutty aroma and is sharp without being bitter. This cheese utilizes calf rennet and may be aged up to 2 years to develop its full character.

Gouda: A traditional cheese of the Netherlands, Gouda is a washed curd cheese with mild sharpness and flavor. The body is semi-hard and is firm enough to grate and slice easliy. Suitable as a table or culinary cheese.

Fontal: Our flavorful, aromatic variation on fontina.

Upinnzellar: A hard, aged Swiss cheese ideal for traditional Alpine dishes such as fondue, quiche, or raclette. Can be sliced for sandwiches or served as table cheese. Has a nutty aroma and fine 'swiss' flavor.

Cheese varieties at Upinngil

Feta Cheese: Our feta is aged 60 days. Try it in omelets, on salads, or in your next pasta or rice dish.

Blue: Look for our mild gorgonzola-type or our robust, stilton-type blues.

Cheese availability and varieties change constantly. Check the cooler in our Farm Store to find out what's offered that day. Tasting samples are often available.